Research Interests

Constitutional Political Economy. In the spirit of Federalist 51, how do we empower the state to do good things, while preventing it from taking our lives and property?  Is it even possible?  What institutions promote human flourishing?  I study constitutional political economy, in the tradition of F.A. Hayek and James Buchanan, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between constitutional culture and constitutional parchment. 

Institutional Economics.  Moving down from the constitutional level ("rules about rules") I study the economic impact of various rules.  I am curious about financial institutions, financial regulations (such as Dodd-Frank or Sarbanes Oxley), monetary institutions and central banks, the Euro, the business firm and corporate culture, etc.  I also study wine economics, and the impact of various regulations on the availability, quality and price of the wine we can enjoy with friends.

Austrian Economics.  I am mostly a student of F.A. Hayek; I am particularly curious about his knowledge problem and "the use of knowledge in society"; the epistemic foundations of limited government; his prescriptions for a "constitution of liberty"; and his thinking on philosophy, politics and economics.  I also study Austrian insights on central banking, business cycle theory, and economic methodology.

History of Economic Thought.  How do ideas evolve?  What is the relationship among metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and politics?  What is the relationship among philosophy, culture, and economics?  How do we analyze contemporary problems?  I am curious about the integration of various schools of economic thought, and their contributions to economic analysis. I am particularly interested in the development of the prevailing Keynesian, mathematical, interventionist, neoclassical paradigm, and some of its critics – and critics of its critics.  I am also curious about the multidisciplinary methodology of philosophy, politics and economics ("PPE").



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Schlueter, Nathan and Nikolai Wenzel.  Naïve Libertarians and Socialist Conservatives? Foundations of the Libertarian-Conservative Debate. Stanford University Press (2016).

Refereed Articles

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Book Chapters

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Select Work in Progress

Beck-Peter, Tricia and Nikolai Wenzel.  "Educating Girls, Educated Women:  Challenging Bill Easterly’s Assumptions About the Impact of Education."

Ghosh, Sriparna and Nikolai Wenzel. "Dodd-Frank and Startup Firm Activity:  The Unintended Consequences of Financial Regulation."

Gillette, David and Nikolai Wenzel. "Beyond the Romance: Teaching Financial Regulation with Public Choice and Austrian Economics."

Hobbs, Brad and Nikolai Wenzel.  Libertarianism is a Humanism.

Hobbs, Brad and Nikolai Wenzel. "Inequality and the Welfare State: Are We Asking the Right Questions?"

Hobbs, Brad and Nikolai Wenzel. "Cronyism, Agriculture, and Nutrition.""

Lemennicier, Bertrand and Nikolai Wenzel. "Bioethics, Rent-Seeking and Death: Opening the Market for Kidneys."

Mead Kling, Hannah and Nikolai Wenzel. "The Economics of Pope Francis: Markets, Liberty and Poverty."

Mussler, Alexandra and Nikolai Wenzel.  "The Idea Trap and Bad Policies:  The Politics, Philosophy and Truth of the Financial Crisis of 2007."

Patton, Mark and Nikolai Wenzel.  "The Deference to Liberty:  The Political Economy of Judicial Abdication and Judicial Engagement."

Wenzel, Nikolai.  "Epistemological Limits:  Hayek and Rand on Reason and the Abuse of Reason."

Wenzel, Nikolai. "A Strange Case of Concentrated Benefits and Concentrated Costs: Secessionist Pressures in Northern Italy."

Wenzel, Nikolai. "Beyond Twin Harvard: Why a Rawlsian Must be a Libertarian."

Select Policy Publications

Wenzel, Nikolai.  "The Battle for Hong Kong."  Law & Liberty (August 2019).

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